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Jul 23, 2011 5:30pm PDT
now in custody, here's nbc news correspondent martin fletcher from oslo. >> reporter: norway is in mourning today, trying to understand. photos of the youth camp taken just before the shooting, as norway's prime minister said a paradise island that turned into hell. desperate survivors pulled to safety. at least 85 murdered. >> he was just like going around killing people like it was nothing. >> reporter: police today said the suspect hunted the victims, aged from 12 to 19, shooting them for 90 minutes. but when police finally arrived, this is his moment of surrender, no resistance. he had no police record. >> we have not arrested him before or anything like that. >> reporter: police say in may the suspect bought six tons of fertilizer, similar to the kind timothy mcveigh used in oklahoma city. it may have been used to make the bomb. after setting off the car bomb that killed seven in oslo's central square, the suspect drove to the island less than an hour away, dressed as a policeman. he told the teenagers he needed to protect them after the oslo bombing. he gathered them cl
Jul 9, 2011 5:30pm PDT
dropping off. mid-70s for the warmest places. >> thank you, rob. >>> thanks for choosing nbc bay area news at 5:00. >>> remembering betty ford. the former first lady who inspired a generation with her candor and her personal struggles. >>> on the front lines. of the new secretary of defense in afghanistan with a striking new assessment of al qaeda. >>> final edition for a tabloid caught up in its own scandal. is there more to come? >>> and royal treatment. will and kate bring their charming style to the u.s. carrying on a long family tradition. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. betty ford, a former dancer, stay-at-home mom of four, and wife of a michigan congressman, never could have imaged the strange circumstances that in 1974 would land her and her husband, gerald ford, into the white house, but for a role she was unprepared for, first lady of the united states, she made a lot of it and changed thousands if not millions of lives in the process. betty ford died last night in california at the age of 93. she was known for speaking her mind, even when it didn'
Jul 24, 2011 5:30pm PDT
. >> nice day to head out to the beach. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 5:00. "nbc nightly news" is next. and then more local news on the bay area at 6:00. >>> why did he do it? the massacre in norway. on this day of mourning, what we're learning about the suspect. we'll talk exclusively with the man who has to defend him. >>> wedding day. a historic day in new york. hundreds of couples tie the knot, but what happens when they cross state lines? >>> the appeal. what could be the last best hope for the ung american accused of murder in italy. was key evidence flawed? >>> and, making a difference. from the barrio to center stage, giving some adorable kids a reason to dance. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. the tears flowed freely in norway today as a nation is shocked and saddened by friday's bombing and shooter massacre searched for comfort on a day of mourning. the death toll stands at 93. most of them kids, teenagers, trapped on a tiny island that a gunman turned into his personal killing ground. rarely do we get into the mind of a confessed mass
Jul 10, 2011 6:30pm EDT
is gearing up to go nowhere fast. >>> from nbc world headquarters in new york this is nbc nightly >>> from nbc world headquarters in new york this is nbc nightly news with lester holt. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> as we come on air this sunday meeti ievening a criticag is under way with president obama at the white house. standing in the way, republic republicaninrepublicans trying to hold the line against tax increases and democrats unhappy over changes to medicare and medicaid. hanging in the balance, an august 2nd deadline to give the government authority to borrow the money it needs to pay its bills. nbc's mike viqueira is at the white house to bring us the latest. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. the president is at this moment in the cabinet room, the west wing. house and senate leaders, republican and democrat. at the top of the meeting reporters asked the president whether he needs to come to an a agreeme agreement. there's an impasse now over the next ten days in order for congress to have the time to pass a bill before the august 2nd deadline. the presid
Jul 2, 2011 5:30pm PDT
about the hotel maid who accused him of sexually assaulting her in a new york city hotel suite. nbc's ron allen is in lower manhattan tonight. >> reporter: good evening, kate. strauss-kahn still faces some serious charges of sexual assault, but it's almost as if his accuser is the one standing trial now in the court of public opinion, in the headlines every day, as more new negative allegations arise about her, her past and her story. many legal experts are now saying that it will be very difficult for prosecutors to convict the former imf chief of any kind of crime. no longer under house arrest, dominique strauss-kahn and his wife left the luxury townhouse where he had been confined with no word about their destination. friday after leaving court free on a promise to return and with a $6 million bail and bond back in his pocket, strauss-kahn dined at this exclusive manhattan restaurant, reportedly running up a $700 tab. while today, new details about what led prosecutors to question the accuser's story. sources close to the investigation had already revealed she telephoned an alleg
Jun 30, 2011 5:30pm PDT
, nbc news, along the high-speed rail in china. >> reporter: this is tom costello. if they can build it in asia, why can't they build it here? well, in california, high-speed rail is on the way. construction begins next year on what will eventually be a northern california to los angeles line promising 150,000 jobs. this is about as american as you can get, good, green jobs, putting americans to work. at the moment, america only has high-speed rail in the northeast from d.c. to new york and boston where centuries old tracks and winding routes keep the acela from ever hitting peak speeds. this train runs on freight lines, but to go faster than 120 miles an hour would require an entirely new electrified network of high-speed rail lines. the obama administration is moving ahead. the ultimate goal, connect 11 megacity regions with a network of high speed track helping to relieve congested roads and airports. but it won't be cheap, $53 billion over the next three years, $600 billion over the next 25. already republican governors in florida, wisconsin and ohio have rejected high-paid rail
Jul 24, 2011 6:30pm EDT
to dance. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >>> good evening. the tears flowed freely in norway today as a nation shock and saddened by friday's bombing and shooter massacre searched for comfort on a day of mourning. the death toll stands at 93. most of them kids, teenagers, trapped on a tiny island that a gunman turned into his personal killing ground. rarely do we get into the mind of a confessed mass killer so soon after such a horror. tonight, however the man who police say admits to the attacks is talking. but, sadly, his words may only add further trauma to a hurting nation. nbc's martin fletcher has new details froms a low tonig s osl. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. chilling, racist picture of a confessed killer is emerging from his own writings. he wanted to bring about a revolution that would end a centuries old muslim nation of europe. united in grief. norway's prime minister called friday's bomb and shooting attacks a national tragedy. in oslo, 17th cent
Jul 25, 2011 5:30pm PDT
. and nbc news will have live coverage of the president's address tonight, along with the response from house speaker john boehner. that's tonight at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific time. >>> now we turn to that shocking killing spree in norway. the man accused of murder in this tragedy was in court today, but behind closed doors, because they wanted to deprive him of a public platform to vent his views. a big question in that badly wounded nation, did he act alone? and there is a new death toll in this as well. nbc's martin fletcher has been covering the story from the start. he's with us tonight from oslo. martin, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. norway's police today said fewer people have been killed than thought, not 93, but 76, with some still missing. that is small relief for a country that can hardly believe what just happened. anders breivik was brought to court this morning, the face of a mass killer. police described him as calm and unaffected. breivik admitted he carried out the killings but claimed he was not guilty. the judge ordered him held in custody for eight
Jul 6, 2011 5:30pm PDT
the earth says we're making a big mistake. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, our lead story tonight is in the what will they think of next category, on it's deadly serious because it has to do with the latest ways terrorists are figuring out to bring down an aircraft. we talk a lot about airline security, what gets through, what doesn't. and this scenario, a warning by the feds, may be the nightmare scenario. explosives inside a passenger, surgically placed within the body of a living human being who is willing to give their life to the cause. it's a grisly business, but just the threat of it could change air travel. we want to begin tonight with our justice correspondent, pete williams, at national airport in d.c. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, officials stress tonight there's no indication of any plot under way to actually do this, but they say al qaeda operatives have talked about trying to find doctors to help them do it, and the u.s. is taking that talk seriously. it's renewed interest in an idea for evading
Jul 9, 2011 6:30pm EDT
in 1974 breast cancer was a topic not heard much on the "nbc nightly news" or for that matter openly discussed. tonight nbc's ann thompson has more on how betty ford helped change that and ignited some important conversations in american living rooms. >> reporter: betty ford leaves a legacy of candor. >> i think it's time that the women step up and take their place. >> reporter: and change she inspired just by being honest. >> i think that's what we're here on this earth for, to help others. and if you can, you ought to do it. >> reporter: in this era of oversharing, it's hard to believe few women ever publicly acknowledged having breast cancer until betty ford did. >> betty ford underwent surgery for breast cancer on saturday. >> reporter: she had a radical mastectomy and chemotherapy. all while under the media magnifying glass of the white house. >> she made the fact that you can have breast cancer not a moment of shame, but a reason to see your physician, a reason to talk about it, and i think she really was the first person who kicked breast cancer awareness forward. >> reporter:
Jul 27, 2011 5:30pm PDT
for a great name. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good evening from capitol hill in washington. tonight, where this fight over the looming financial crisis goes on on two fronts, here in these corridors and across the country, on the internet, on the airwaves, while elected lawmakers, it should be said, engage in some high risk behavior. tonight here they're still talking and they're counting votes and they're deciding what this fix should look like. we're here and we have been here all day, we should tell you, because we have been allowed behind the scenes. nbc news is taking on something that has never been allowed here before. we have filled the hill with cameras and journalists all day long today for an hour long special this coming sunday evening, showing a day in the life of this place. and while it was long scheduled, it just happened to arrive, we just happened to be here to record this epic battle, which, of course, is still going on tonight. we have been walking these corridors all day. and tonight we can show you some of what t
Jul 3, 2011 5:30pm PDT
a new passion for life. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>>. >>> good evening. on a holiday summer sunday when so many people are taking the day off, jurors in a orlando courthouse were hard at work, listening to closing arguments before deciding the fate of a young mother. if you were anywhere near a television today, you couldn't escape the wall-to-wall coverage, the live feed of casey anthony, at times stone-faced, at times, openly weeping. anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. and after more than a month of wrenching testimony, now the countdown to a verdict. nbc's kerry sanders has been covering the case from the start. he was in the courtroom today. and joins us from orlando. good evening, kerry. >> well good evening, kate, the prosecution and the defense were each given four hours to make their closing arguments. but like so many other aspects of this case, there was an unplanned moment that unfolded in front of the jury. casey anthony is a accused of the premeditated murder of her daughter, caylee. but today with the stakes at t
Jul 23, 2011 5:00pm PDT
coe, nbc news. >>> a day after talks aimed at avoiding a financial crisis broke down in washington, congressional leaders met once again with president barack obama today to try to solve the nation's debt crisis. john boehner who walked out on debt negotiations friday, answered the call to return to the white house today. congress and the president have until august 2nd to decide whether to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a catastrophic ly devastating zee fault. >> i think one of the questions the republican party is going to have to ask itself is, can they say yes to anything? >> the white house moved the goal post. there was an agreement on some additional revenues, until yesterday when the president demanded a $400 billion more. >> i think it's important. >> president obama still wants a grand plan, but says he will sign off on a deal that raises the debt ceiling just until 2013. >>> a ground zero icon found its permanent home today. a cross made from beams from the detroit world trade center was moves from its temporary helm outside st. petersburg church in manhattan to the me
Jul 30, 2011 5:30pm PDT
in north america. could you just watch them all day long? they are adorable. >>> "nbc nightly news" is next. >>> the showdown. possible signs of progress on capitol hill tonight just days before the government runs out of money to pay all its bills as frustration builds at home c: and abroad. >>> crash landing. a jetliner skids off a runway in rough weather then breaks in two. tonight the remarkable outcome. >>> the evidenceeing questioned now in the case of the american college student convicted of killing her roommate in italy. will amanda knox go free? >>> and another royal wedding. this time it's prince william's cousin zara in a private ceremony but joined by many of her famous relatives.cc1: captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. president obama has stepped back into the fray over raising the nation's borrowing limit after the senate and house rejected each other's legislation. at this point we're a little over 72 hours away from the point the nation will be unable to pay all of its bills and risk default. and against that looming deadline the president today
Jul 13, 2011 5:30pm PDT
and that customer who is complain will be offered a refund. lisa myers, nbc news, washington. >>> and one note on the ongoing debt ceiling fight and the talks tonight, the credit rating agency moody's put america's aaa rating on review for a downgrade, citing uncertainty on a deal before the treasury deadline august 2. moody's has already warned if the debt ceiling deal doesn't include significant progress in getting this country's fiscal problems under control, that aaa rating will be in jeopardy. >>> overseas the scandal grows and so does the anger surrounding the media empire of rupert murdock. the phone hacking scandal has already taken a big prize away from him. his company, news corporation, badly wanted to buy the big satellite network bskyb. today they dropped their bid. there's no telling where this case ends, but this is all new territory for this huge media figure and for great britain. nbc's stephanie gosk is in london again for us tonight. stephanie, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. well, news corps got beaten up all day today by british politicians both before and
Jul 4, 2011 7:00pm EDT
. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> good evening. i'm kate snow in for brian williams tonight. on this independence day, there's a huge cleanup under way not far from yellowstone national park. landowners along the yellowstone river in montana about 140 miles downstream from the park are furious after a pipeline that runs under the river burst on friday. oil coats the riverbanks around the city of billings and the town of laurel, and that's where we find george lewis tonight. good evening, george. >> reporter: good evening, kate. behind me you see some of the workers involved in the cleanup. montanans love their great outdoors and they're not too happy tonight that part of it is fouled with oil. exxon says it has more than 200 people working on cleaning up the oil spill, but about 1,000 barrels of crude, 42,000 gallons worth, were released into the yellowstone river. enough oil to fill five tanker trucks. >> i want to personally apologize to all the people affected by this. >> reporter: workers are putting up 40,000 feet of
Jul 24, 2011 5:00pm PDT
-- it's not real. >> reporter: michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >>> there were protests as well. thousands of people marched in mid town manhattan in front of the governor's office. a christian claimed the number reached 10,000 people but police would not confirm those numbers. protesters were demanding state lawmakers put the issue before voters in a state wide referendum. unlike here in california, new york does not allow people to directly put to petition the gay marriage issue on the ballot. the only way to put it to a vote of the people in new york is for lawmakers in both state house and senate to vote to do so with a simple majority. >>> in the bay area gay couples can only look on at ooefshts going on in new york while the same-sex issue is rooted in the bay area, it's mired in the courts. kimberly with more. >> reporter: diane, people we talk to say this does bring them hope, though, that california might be the next state to make same-sex marriage legal. some are sure of it. they say it's just a matter of time. others are cautiously optimistic. for five months in 2008
Jul 3, 2011 5:00pm PDT
're live in milpitas, george kit yawn ma, nbc bay area news. >>> a 27-year-old woman was struck and killed by an amtrak train in richmond today. the train was medical from straemt to san jose. emergency work hes responded at the train tracks near carlson and cutting boulevards at about 7:15 a.m. but the woman was already dead. no one on the train was injured. the incident caused delays to as many as eight trains traveling through richmond today. >>> in san jose, one person is in the hospital tonight recovering from gunshot wounds after a shooting last night. the shooting happened on the 3200 block of loma verde drive. the victim was shot several times and rushedth to e hospital in critical condition, say the police. they're investigating to see whether the shooting was gang related. >>> a 50-year-old pilot is alive after his crop dusting helicopter crashed into a field of corn in the east bay this morning. the helicopter was flying just 20 to 30 feet above the ground when it went down near highway 4 on the outskirts of brentwood. the pilot was taken to the medical center as a precaution ch
Jul 16, 2011 5:30pm PDT
. and the food was spectacular. thanks for joining nbc bay area news at 5:00. "nbc nightly news" is next. >>> danger zone. much of the country in the grip of record breaking heat and in some places, the driest conditions in more than a century. >>> scandal sheet. yet more apologies from rupert murdoch, and new revelations about the evidence and scotland yard. >>> carmageddon, day one. they predicted catastrophe, so how's it going? >>> and what a kick. the remarkable american women just one game away from taking the remarkable american women just one game away from taking it all in the world cup. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. tonight, a good chunk of the country is feeling hot under the collar as an intense and what forecasters say will be a prolonged heat wave starts to take a dangerous hold across the middle of the country. by tomorrow at this time, temperatures will soar into the triple digits as far as north at minnesota. and no, this is not par for the cou course in july. this month, we have seen more than 900 temperatures meet or exceed all time rec
Jul 2, 2011 6:30pm EDT
return home soon to a fire-free town, that would be celebration enough. charles hadlock, nbc news. >>> and there's plenty of brutal heat beyond the fire zone this weekend. samantha moore is tracking today's dangerous temperatures. it is hot out there, sa mab tma. >> it sure is and millions of people are going to be affected this weekend. heat is the number one weather related killer. high pressure is the reason it is building in strong all across the west here. temperatures running up around the teens in the desert. it's going to cool down a bit on the fourth. this ridge extended all the way to earn sea board where temperatures on sunday will be in the triple digits in dallas, oklahoma city, texarkana, now, the heat is back and it will continue to hang on as we head into our fourth of july. remember the kids. and our older neighbors. they're really affected by the heat. and high pressure is the reason for the heat. we have jet stream running across the top of that ridge. it's going to steer a cold front in over the course of this weekend. it's going to bring in the threat for seve
Jul 31, 2011 6:30pm EDT
on capitol hill. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> good evening. it sure looked for a while earlier today like congress was going to do something. hammer out a solution that avoided walking right up to the brink of tuesday's deadline when the nation is due to default on its financial obligations. but as this day wore on, congress started looking a lot more like the congress we have watched every day this past week. tonight, there are hints and whispers and indications, so far nothing more, that something of some sort is coming, something close to an agreement. let's start off with the very latest beginning with nbc's kelly o'donnell who's been camped out on the hill again today. kelly, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the really promising part of this day has been who's talking to whom? the president and republicans have been in the same conversation. then you've got the top four leaders in congress who've been piecing together what's sort
Jul 3, 2011 6:00pm PDT
this sunday night. i'm kate snow reporting from new york. for lester holt and all of us here at nbc news, thanks for watching. have a great fourth of july. -- captions by vitac -- >>> good evening. i'm garvin thomas. we begin with developing news out of south san francisco. firefighters are mopping up after a car lot fire about a mile north of sfo. we're told the three-alarm fire in an overflow hertz rental car lot is out, but as many as 40 cars are either damaged or destroyed. the fire chief at the scene says winds had made it difficult to fight the fire which spread quickly because of dry grasses under many of the cars. it is not yet clear how the fire started, but there is a clue. >> at this point, we're guessing that it was fireworks, just from what people in the area have said that they heard and saw people in that area using fireworks. but we haven't confirmed it it at this point. it's under investigation. >> reporter: people inside a nearby motel 6 we$6 were evacua because of the smoke. they're being allowed back inside now. no one was hurt in the fire. if the f
Jul 28, 2011 7:00pm EDT
of the homeowners. know what i mean? >> yes, i do. >> "nbc nightly news" is up >>> on the broadcast tonight. applying the pressure. we're waiting for a vote tonight in the debt debate that's angered so many americans. and will it fix anything? also more of our exclusive behind the scenes access with the power players in congress. >>> close call. an angry soldier goes awol and is now accused of trying to stage an attack at a u.s. army base. tonight police are crediting a guy who had a gut feeling that led to the arrest. >>> feeding the hungry, the food is there, but the problem is getting it to those who need it in an extraordinary humanitarian crisis. >>> and life in a day. an extraordinary video project gives us a time capsule of our lives. >>> also tonight, a change is coming for tylenol. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. well, we'll save you some of the drama and begin with the bottom line. there may be a vote in the house of representatives tonight as part of the effort to fix the debt ceiling. but it probably won't fix anything.
Jul 30, 2011 6:30pm EDT
, nbc news, new york. >>> meantime, back in this country, two delta airlines jets are being inspected for damage after colliding on the car mack in chicago. both planes were backing away from the gates last night at o'hair when they clipped wings. no one was hurt. earlier this month, another pair of delta jets collided on the taxiway in boston >>> the storm once known as tropical storm don fizzled along the texas coast dropping less than an inch of rain there overnight before moving south into mexico. the storm was seen as the best chance for some heavy rain in south texas in months. as the state suffers from a historic drought. it's so dry in texas, cattle and crop losses will start affecting food prices across the country. and as nbc's charles hadlock reports, some texas cities are resorting to desperate measures. >> reporter: at this sale barn in waco, the auctiauctioneer ca keep up. ranchers can no longer feed them, their pastures have turned to dust. and their ponds, which should be filleded with fresh water, are bone dry. michael steinhauser runs a farm and ranch business in the
Jul 21, 2011 5:30pm PDT
of an era. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. here's just one way of looking at how cruel and how relentless this oppressive heat wave has been so far. over 3,000 separate records have been set in different places for the highest overnight temperature. extremely hot daytime temperatures in july are one thing, but it gets dangerous when no one can catch a break, like in chicago at 3:00 a.m. when it's 90 degrees outside as it was overnight. government forecasters have issued heat warnings for some extensive stretches of our country. this dome of hot air has pushed temperatures very high, and then there's that heat index, what the heat actually feels like when you're out in it. nbc's anne thompson is out in it in fact tonight in hot times square here in new york to start off our coverage. hey, anne, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. more than 148 million americans are under a heat advisory or warning tonight. this is not just an inconvenience. this is deadly. the heat wave already claiming more than 20 lives, and here in ne
Jul 28, 2011 5:30pm PDT
. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> a special good evening to our viewers in the west. well, we'll save you some of the drama and begin with the bottom line. there may be a vote in the house of representatives tonight as part of the effort to fix the debt ceiling. but it probably won't fix anything. if anything, it may prove that the speaker of the house has the votes to deliver his own party. but insiders are telling nbc news it may still be days yet until this titanic struggle is over, until some sort of solution is reached in what has become an ugly partisan fight to stop what most fear would be an economic disaster. and none of what's happening in d.c. tonight is doing anything to lessen the anger across the country. to help us lay out what is happening in washington at this hour, we want to begin once again with kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. >> reporter: the hour is late, and it's been a power struggle inside the office of speaker boehner. he needed a handful of votes to make the statement for republicans in the end game of this debate. he j
Jul 18, 2011 4:00pm EDT
household pets, who like us, need a lot more care as long as it stays this hot. chris clackum, nbc news. >> this latest heatwave is expected to affect at least 17 states across the country. >>> a blown tire may have led to that tour bus crash that killed two people on the way from d.c. to my rniagara falls 55 miles southeast of rochester. it was carrying passengers visiting from india. 35 were injured. the identities of the two killed have not been released. police say there is no evidence that excess speed, alcohol or driver fatigue had anything to do with this crash. >>> there are only two weeks to go before the government hits the debt ceiling. previously authorized by congress, there is no deal in place yet to prevent the government from hitting that limit. instead of round-the-clock negotiations, a series of votes is taking place this week in congress. some critics call the votes meaningless, since they are for plans that will not pass. yet the president says he's optimistic. steve handelsman has more. >> reporter: he still wants a big budget agreement to avoid default, and preside
Jul 5, 2011 5:30pm PDT
, death and a desperate search for the missing. miguel almaguer, nbc news, san felipe, mexico. >> and crushing news arrived over the weekend from a beautiful part of this country in montana, yellowstone natnal park. an oil spill that we now know may be larger than first feared, and cleanup, may, as a result, be more difficult than first thought. nbc's george lewis, just outside billings, montana for us. good evening, george. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the people have been hit with a double whammy. the yellowstone river laced with oil is flooding and waters have been rising all day in communities around here. exxonmobil expanded its cleanup effort putting more people in the field. there are 360 workers assigned to the spill as the giant oil company tries to figure out what went wrong with its pipeline. >> i really can't speculate on what caused this. it was a very big surprise to us. >> reporter: roaring floodwaters have sent a lot of trees like this crashing into the water. one theory is the flood eroded the soil covering the pipeline allowing debris to strike it causin
Jul 22, 2011 4:00am PDT
the hottest heat wave some states have seen in two decades. chris clacum, nbc news. >>> with less than two weeks before the treasury department's debt ceiling deadline, there is still no deal, but word out of washington points to some headway being made on what's been so-called a grand bargain. nbc's brian mooar has the details for us in washington. brian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. in a short time they will vote on cut, cap and balance. a balanced budget amendment that's not expected to pass but what it will do is clear the way for house republicans, especially tea party members, to go ahead and vote on another compromise plan. there are several in the works right now. president obama and house speaker john boehner are working behind the scenes on one that would bring the outer edges of their part closer to together. there's also the gang of six trying to hammer out a deal that could bring both parties together. time is running out. some sort of plan has to be agreed on today in order to meet that august 2nd deadline to raise the nation's debt ceiling. >> the clock is
Jul 25, 2011 7:00pm EDT
things have definitely changed. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. right about now on a monday night in july, a lot of americans have had it with what they see and hear coming out of washington. talks that start up and break off, insults and threats and slights between the two sides, the two parties, politics, posturing over real progress and compromise. listen to what americans across this country are saying today about their leaders in washington. >> it is embarrassing. if we hold ourselves out as a premiere country in the entire world, we can't even manage a budget, which every responsible family does and here our national government looks like curley, mo and larry or the marx brothers. >> now is the time where people have to check their egos at the door, as people say, and come together regardless of what party they're from because it's got to get done. >> frustration and embarrassment as an american that we have to -- that, you know, the whole world is seeing us unable to work out an issue. >> they really can't come to somethin
Jul 29, 2011 5:30pm PDT
. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. i'm lester holt, in tonight for brian. in president obama's words, we are almost out of time, and as he made another appeal for compromise on a bill to raise the nation's borrowing limit, the house and senate were barreling down parallel tracks today, with the end of the line tuesday, the day after the u.s. could be unable to pay all its bills and risk an unprecedented default. after fits and starts, the republican-led house tonight passed its own revised plan to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending. >> ayes are 218. the nays are 210. the bill is passed. without objection, a motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. >> but that plan doesn't cut the mustard in the senate, which has its own bill. tonight, it seems almost certain that any compromise deal will be right up against the deadline. in other words, there is no more margin left. nbc's kelly o'donnell is on capitol hill to tell us more now. kelly? >> reporter: well, lester, the drama has been down to the wire, the political kind with all t
Jul 4, 2011 5:30am EDT
, the jury will begin their search for that truth. jay gray, nbc news, orlando. >>> the u.s. government reaches its credit limit on august 2nd. if congress doesn't do something before then, uncle sam won't be able to pay his bills. that is bad news for our nation's credit rating and our ability to keep borrowing. lawmakers have been at an impasse over dealing with the so-called debt ceiling. now a couple of key republicans are suggesting possible ways forward. nbc's brian mooar has the story from washington. >> reporter: congress has less than a month to raise uncle sam's credit limit. but lawmakers are locked in a battle over a long-term cure for our nation's financial fix. democrats want to raise money. republicans are demanding massive cuts. now a couple of key republican lawmakers are suggesting possible ways to compromise. >> jon kyl was in negotiations as you know with the vice president. and he said there were certain revenue raisers and other areas that perhaps we could work on. >> reporter: senator john mccain won't say exactly what revenue raisers are. but he says he and some
Jul 3, 2011 6:30pm EDT
to collect. adidi roy, nbc news. >>> elsewhere, sizzling summer heat and wildfires brought no relief to some parts of the country experiencing the worst drought in a decade. we're talking about the south and southwest. where the dry conditions are reining in some holiday celebrations. nbc's charles hadlock has the latest tonight. >> reporter: there may be a little less sparkle at some locations this fourth of july. fireworks shows are few and far between this weekend. canceled because of record drought and some of the worst wildfires in history. from arizona to florida, roadside fireworks sales are either banned or fizzled because of wildfire concerns. in drought-stricken texas, they're going ahead with a public fireworks show near austin. but firemen will keep an eye on every spark. >> there's always the possibility of something happening. but we're as prepared as we can be. >> reporter: nature is turning up the heat this fourth of july. helping extend one of the worst droughts in a century. now affecting 13 states, with temperatures pushing to the extreme. >> at least ten states this weeke
Jul 4, 2011 4:00pm EDT
mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> there's another celebration today at the white house. it's malia's birthday. she turned 13. >> she will celebrate tonight with hundreds of troops and their families as they attend a special barbecue and a u.s. concert on the south lawn. malia's younger sister, sasha, turned 10, last month. >>> vice president joe biden made his mark on the world of twitter today. the vp sent out his first tweet just past 11:30 this morning. it read, vp and doctor b, hope you take time to think about our troops and military families this independence day. happy july 4th from ovp, joining forces. dr. b refers to his wife jill. biden's user name is @vp, all part of an increasing focus on social media. on wednesday, president obama is expected to hold the white house's first twitter town hall. >>> google has temporarily shut down a feature on its site that allows users to see real-time updates from twitter, facebook and other social networking sites. today the company posted a message that said the feature was temporarily disabled. they're trying to figure out how to in
Jul 27, 2011 7:00pm EDT
, because we have been allowed behind the scenes. nbc news is taking on something that has never been allowed here before. we have filled the hill with cameras and journalists all day long today for an hour long special this coming sunday evening, showing a day in the life of this place. and while it was long scheduled, it just happened to arrive, we just happened to be here to record this epic battle, which, of course, is still going on tonight. we have been walking these corridors all day. and tonight we can show you some of what the congressional leaders told us here today. first of all, you don't look happy on the front page of "the new york times." it says, boehner's grip on his caucus is put to test in standoff. feel like you're being tested? >> it is a test. this is a big step, trying to get control of our deficit and our debt and trying to do it by the august 2nd deadline. so it is a big test. >> some people who are friends of yours have said this isn't fair. your job is to run your party. but there is another party in there too. you have this tea party caucus that didn't come
Jul 29, 2011 7:00pm EDT
, but not short of a mother's love. rohit kachroo, nbc news. >>> when we come back, one of the few times people are actually rooting for a tropical storm to come ashore. >>> later a young girl's determination to help bring clean water to those who need it, "making a difference." clean water to those who need it, making a difference. i just transferred a prescription to cvs because they have care 1on1. it's where the pharmacist stops and talks to me about safety and saving money with generic prescriptions. laura, let's talk about possible side effects. it's all about me. love that. get care 1on1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new, ongoing prescription. i'm laura, and this is my cvs. it's all mine. if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have been managed. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your i
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